Lilly – Description, characteristics: It is a fodder alfalfa variety with erect shrub form. Its stem is moderately thick and light green. The form of leaves is longish and oval, serrated on the upper part. The leaves are also light green. The strength of leaf patterns is moderate. The leaves are slightly hairy. The inflorescence is long and moderately dense. The flowering time is moderately long. The flowers are different shades of blue. In the population 30-33% of individuals has smoke colour petals and 5-8 % has variegated petals. The thousand seed weight is 2,2-2,4 g.

Economic value: It is characterized by moderately fast development, can be often cut and has a long life. It sprouts very well in spring after cutting. If cut in the average of 28 and 35 days, it produced more than the certified varieties over four years. Its stalk strength is good, and it is prone to lodging only in case of late mowing time. Its resistance to infectious wilt and winter hardiness are excellent.

Production proposal: The alfalfa variety can reach high yield mainly in intensive growing conditions with adequate nutrient supply. However, it can be produced with good results on poor productivity sandy soils as well thanks to its outstanding adaptability. In such a case the base fertilization and annual top dressing are decisive.

Year of registration in Hungary: 1986.


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