Year of registration in Hungary: 2008.

Description characteristics: Its spring development is faster compared to the standard varieties. After cutting the regrowth starts after2-3 days. Its stem does not lodge and it is light green. The leaves are oval shaped and slightly serrated. The flowers are characterized by different shades of blue. Other color off lowers is very rare.

Economic value: The green crop is identical with that of the standard varieties or higher in every growing site. The stem strength is excellent, thus the overdue cutting does not cause deterioration of quality, as the lodging of the stand does not occur. Its stem strength is a positive feature in seed production as well. The seeds develop and ripen uniformly on the upstanding plants. It is characterized by long life, and is a persistent variety.

Production proposal: It can be grown in any parl of Hungary. On poor nutrient content soils bigger amounts of base and top dressing as well as irrigating result in good yields.

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